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Spains RFEC is the Second Governing Body to Ban the Use of Disc Brakes in Cycling Events

Spanish Amateur Cycling Events, known as "Marcha Cicloturista's", the U.S. equivalent of Gran Fondo's or the UK's equivalent to Sportives join the the French Federation to ban the use of Disc Brakes in competition and other cycling events.

We reached out to the RFEC today and received this offcial press release.

Faced with repeated queries that are recently coming to both the RFEC, Regional Federations and organizers of the possible use of disc brakes on any federal road event in different categories and types of road, the Technical and Regulatory Committee and the Technical Committee Referees RFEC in order to avoid misunderstandings and / or interpretations maladjusted on the actual status and current status of this matter, wishes to point out and highlight, taking into consideration what has already been stated in communications of past February 4 and 15 April , the following:

"At no time, at no time and under no circumstance temporary and / or transient RFEC has authorized or permitted the use of disc brakes on each and every one of the federal road events organized under its protection."

"Solely the UCI authorized road teams UCI World Tour, UCI Professional Continental, Continental UCI and Women 's UCI, the possibility of using disc brakes, currently under test during this season, following the process of trials initiated during the months of August and September 2015; until last April 14, 2016, the UCI through an official statement, which can be consulted on its corporate website, it suspended this test phase. So that not even the aforementioned professional structures are authorized to use from that time."

"For all the above, the RFEC would like to underline and to demonstrate once again its firm commitment to respect the rules in force, clearly and specifically expressed in the aforementioned statements issued on the occasion of this issue; and under and compliance with its existing laws, as well as in the exercise of its powers, to ensure compliance with the technical and regulatory standards."

We advise any cyclist travelling to take part in any Gran Fondo's also known as Marcha Cicloturista's, like Mallorca 312 this weekend April 30th, do so with a bike with normal road brakes, not disc brakes.

Mallorca 312, one of Spain's largest Gran Fondo's (Marcha Cicloturista's)

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