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2014 North East Hill Climbs

Climbing Mount Washington, New HampshireRecently, registered members of Gran Fondo Guide have kindly asked us to add a few hill climb events. So we went the extra mile and started to compile a comprehensive list of Hill Climbs in the north east of the United States, from New Jersey up to Maine.

There are some incredible climbs and super challenges available.

Bike Up Mountains Hill Climb Series

BUMPS (Bike Up Mountain Points Series) is the only series of its kind in America.

A series that recognizes the talents of riders who do the hardest thing in cycling, climb steep hills!

The series comprises 10 races on 9 mountains in the north east of the States, on courses of varying lengths and pitches. Any rider who enters a BUMPS event will automatically be entered into the overall series points standings. There is no need to enter a separate BUMPS category. Riders will be scored according to their accumulated points in up to five races, and the totals of riders who enter more than five races will be determined by their best five scores.

As the season progresses, a leader’s jersey will be awarded to the overall series leader after each event. At season’s end, age group series winners, both men and women, will receive awards or prizes acknowledging their achievements as well.

Bike Up the Mountains Hill Climb Series

The new series will not change the way in which each event has been run in the past. Each event will continue to be run by an independent organizer, and event formats and prizes will continue to be determined independently. BUMPS simply wants to bring added acknowledgment to riders who enjoy the challenge of climbing, especially those who do it well.

Their 2014 series of events includes 10 hill climb challenges on 9 mountains. We have included all the details, difficulty and record holders.

The Mount Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb being the toughest on the east coast, with Tom "TommyD" Danielson holding the record with a time of 49:24 - breaking the previous record held by Tyler Hamilton, in 2002.

Jeanie Longo holds the womens record with a time of 58:14.

Proceeds from each individual event in the series, typically benefits chosen non-profits too.

The BUMP series is sponsored by Destination Cycling.


The History

Mount Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hill ClimbMary Power, is the BUMPS series coordinator. She has a lot of experience and is very well known in the cycling community. She was the event organiser for the Mount Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hill climb from 1995 - 2011.

There has been a hillclimb on the Mount Washington Auto Road since the Mid 1970's.

Mount Washington Auto Road Bicycle Hill Climb is recognised as the toughest hill climb in the north east, it's the tallest peak, has the steepest average gradient and the most varying grade of gradient too.

Back in 2006, such was the demand to participate in the Washington Hillclimb Auto Road Bicycle Hillclimb, that full capacity of 635 riders was reached and a waiting list of over 250 riders built up.

Space at the summit is limited and on reaching the summit and all riders have to wait until the last rider finishes.
Racers can not ride their bikes back down.  All racers are required to have a car ride down.  The Mt. Washington Auto Road reopens for down bound traffic when it is deemed safe. 

Due to this, a sister event, Newton's Revenge was created. 


Date Event Location Routes Diff  Type My Rides
May 10 Wachusett Mountain Hillclimb Princeton, Massachusetts, USA 3.7 miles, 5.5%,1,162 feet B HILLCLIMB
May 31 Mount Ascutney Hill Climb Windsor, Vermont, USA 3.7 miles, 11.7%, 2,300 feet F HILLCLIMB
Jun 21 Whiteface Mountain Hillclimb Wilmington, New York, USA 11 miles, 8%, 3,650 feet E HILLCLIMB
Jun 28 Okemo Bike Climb Ludlow, Vermont, USA 5.8 miles, 6.8%, 2,200 feet E HILLCLIMB
Jul 12 Newton’s Revenge Gorham, New Hampshire, USA 7.6 miles, 12%, 4,618 feet F HILLCLIMB
Aug 02 Mount Equinox Uphill Bike Climb Manchester, Vermont, USA 5.4 miles, 12%, 3,248 ft F HILLCLIMB
Aug 16 Mt. Washington Auto Road Hillclimb Gorham, New Hampshire, USA 7.6 miles, 12%, 4,618 feet F HILLCLIMB
Sep 13 Mount Greylock NCC Hill Climb Time Trial North Adama, Massachusetts, USA 9.1 miles, 5.7%, 2,752 feet E HILLCLIMB
Sep 27 Mt. Kearsarge Hill Climb Warner, New Hampshire, USA 8.0 miles, 8.7%, 1,738 feet E HILLCLIMB
Oct 05 Allen Clark Memorial Hill Climb Waitsfield, Vermont, USA 6.2 miles, 5%, 1,600 feet C HILLCLIMB


Other Great Climbs

There are some other great climbs in the North East, so check out these too. In all cases these climbs are timed so you can test yourself and gain great braggings rights!

Date Event Location Routes Diff  Type My Rides
Apr 26 High Point Hill Climb TT Montague, New Jersey, USA 5.5 miles, 4.3%, 1,511 feet C HILLCLIMB
May 15 Bolton Hill Climb Bolton, Vermont, USA 6.7 miles, 7.8%, 1,706 feet E HILLCLIMB
May 17 Kancamagus Bicycle Hillclimb Time Trial Conway, New Hampshire, USA 21 miles, 7%, 2,650 feet C HILLCLIMB
Aug 24 North Face Race To The Top Of Vermont Stowe, Vermont, USA 4.3 miles, 11%, 2,564 feet F HILLCLIMB
Sep 07 Burke Mountain Bike Race East Burke, Vermont, USA 3.3 miles, 12%, 2,085 feet F HILLCLIMB


Taking Part

However you don't need a Pro to take part in a hill climb, so look out for our training article on getting fit and preparing for a Hill Climb, coming soon.

Now that spring is on it's way it's time to get out and start training.

Gran Fondo 

Mt. Lemmon Gran Fondo, April 26th 2014, Tucson, ArizonaTimed hill climbs are very popular and and testament to this, there is the first Hill Climb Gran Fondo, the Mount Lemmon Gran Fondo, north of Tucson, Arizona - set for April 26th 2014.

The event is superbly organised and includes the closing of all the roads and this event features a mass start, so that riders can race up the climb and use race tactics in  true Gran Fondo style.

Mount Lemmon is the longest sustained climb on the US mainland that you can do, at 26 miles and over 6,000 feet of climbing.

So far several hundred riders have entered and several hundreds more are expected to sign up before April 26th.

Rumours are abound that one or two Pro riders may turn up - to put their time down for the record.

Have We Missed Your Favourite Climb?

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You can add your own events, which we the pickup, process and make available for everyone to enjoy.

Please note: details may not be 100% correct are subject to change directly from individual event organisers.



For full details of the Northeast Hill Climb Championship Series, please visit -

Northeast Hill Climb Champioship Series is also on facebook at -

For full details of the Mount Lemmon Gran Fondo, April 27th, Tucson, Arizona, please visit -

Tom "TommyD" Danielson on his way to the Mt. Washinton Hill climb record in 2002.




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