New Routes And Farms Revealed For Vermont and Pennsylvania Dutch

Wrenegade Sports are excited to announce major changes to our Vermont and Pennsylvania Dutch events, with brand new Gran and Medio courses, and several new featured farms in both locations

New Vermont Routes

Gran Fondo - 93 Miles

They've significantly re-routed the most challenging Gran-distance course of the Farm to Fork Fondo series. The new route was developed in collaboration by former professional cyclist and Farm to Fork Fondo series founder Tyler Wren and by the founder of Spartan Race. The course features 3 tough ascents, visits to 7 farms, endless farmland, challenging gravel roads, and a massive sense of satisfaction when you cross the finish line.


Medio Fondo - 50 Miles

We added Stitchdown Farm, a beautiful flower farm serving edible flower toast, to our popular Medio route. Challenge yourself on a mountain gap, but don't forget to pause and take in the gorgeous summer-in-Vermont views. All of the Gran Fondo experience in a tighter package. 


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New Pennsylvania Dutch Routes

Gran Fondo - 87 Miles

Their new Pennsylvania Dutch Gran course features all new ascents up the challenging Ranck Road and Snake Road climbs. In between welcoming farm stops you'll enjoy passing Amish horse and buggies, iconic farmland vistas and rolling Pennsylvania hills. They've added a stop at beautiful Wanner's Pride-N-Joy Farm at the mid-point of this stunning route. 


Medio Fondo - 51 Miles

Their new Pennsylvania Dutch Medio course includes all the highlights on the Gran course, including a visit to an authentic Amish farm, breathtaking views, and punchy Pennsylvania climbs. 


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New Vermont Featured Farms



Stitchdown Farm is a diversified flower farm & floristry that grows nutrient dense flowers with their hands, horses, and tractor. Rita Champion and Andrew Plotsky, the owners at Stitchdown Farm, strive to bring greater health, nutrition and prosperity to their land, their community and their family by building a farming enterprise that reduces their reliance on fossils and places a strong emphasis on regeneration, vibrance, and human connections.

Food is Rita and Andrew's prime motivation for farming. They take great pleasure in eating 3 - 7 times a day, and take pride in their flower business making feasible the great privilege to grow much of their own food, living in the most beautiful place in the world, and participating in a productive community of farmers and craftspeople who are working towards a collectively prosperous central Vermont.



Hurricane Flats is a diversified organic produce farm located on 37 beautiful acres nestled along the banks of the White River in South Royalton, Vermont. Since 1995, owners Geo and Sharon have been lucky enough to live and farm in one of the most beautiful places they know. It's a life that wouldn't be possible without the loyal support of so many people who believe in the farm and the simple notion that good, healthy, fresh produce is something worth getting excited about. 

Potatoes, lettuces, cabbage, carrots, cantaloupe, tomatoes, onions, strawberries, pumpkins, corn...  the farm grows most anything that is on your weekly shopping list. Even though the produce available varies throughout the season, one thing definitely remains true: everything from the farm was grown organically, without the use of synthetic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or fertilizers. The farm's produce is not just fresh, healthy and tasty - it's also safe for the environment, your family, and posterity.



The Billings Farm & Museum is considered the gateway to Vermont's rural heritage, and features one of the finest dairy farms in America and a museum of Vermont's rural past. The farm continues a long tradition of agricultural excellence, dating back to 1871, when native Vermonter Frederick Billings set out to build a farm and forestry operation that would serve future generations as a model of wise stewardship. His farm flourished and is still an operating farm today, continued through the stewardship of Billings' granddaughter Mary French Rockefeller and her husband, conservationist Laurance Spelman Rockefeller.

New Pennsylvania Dutch Featured Farm



Alfred and Carolynne Wanner, together with their two sons, John and Matt, own and operate Wanner's Pride N Joy Farm. The modern dairy farm is a member of the Land O'Lakes cooperative and has been in the Wanner family for eight generations. The operation was recently recognized as a Century Farm.

Much has changed in the farming industry since Alfred began farming with his father in a 16 cow tie-stall barn carrying pails of milk. The farm has grown to accommodate its growing family and currently milks close to 650 Holstein cows. The Wanner family's goal is to operate a successful farm business while being responsible stewards for the long range health of their cattle and land. With the construction of a methane digester in 2007, they are one step closer to that goal. By using waste as an alternative energy source, the operation reduces odors, the amount of carbon in the atmosphere, and the volume of manure going back to the fields.

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