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Date Event Location Routes Diff  Type My Rides
Jun 23 The Grand Tour Double Century Malibu, California, USA 124, 200, 300, 400 miles F DOUBLE
Jun 23 100/200: A Vermont Double-Century North Troy, Vermont, USA 212 miles F DOUBLE
Jun 23 Ride Across Illinois RAIL South powered by Bicycle Illinois St. Louis, Missouri, USA 165 miles C DOUBLE
Jun 30 Alta Alpina 8 Pass Challenge Markleeville, California, USA 15, 19, 37, 64, 110, 134, 198 miles F DOUBLE
Jul 21 Borrego Double Century Borrego Springs, California, USA 204 miles (13,000 feet) F DOUBLE
Jul 21 RAIN – Ride Across Indiana Terre Haute, Indiana, USA 160 miles E DOUBLE
Jul 28 Atomic Smaher 200 Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA 200 miles D DOUBLE
Aug 04 Marin Double Century San Rafael, California, USA 95, 106, 200 miles D DOUBLE
Sep 08 White Mountain Double Century Bishop, California, USA 200 miles (12,600 feet) F DOUBLE
Oct 13 Bass Lake Powerhouse Double Century Clovis, California USA 201 miles (11,000 feet) F DOUBLE
Oct 20 Solvang Autumn Double Solvang, California, USA 191 miles F DOUBLE
Oct 25 Carmel Valley Double Carmel-By-The-Sea, California, USA 100, 200 miles F DOUBLE
Nov 18 Las Vegas Double Century Henderson, California, USA 100, 193 miles F DOUBLE
May 05 Oceanside Double Century Oceanside, California, USA 194 miles F DOUBLE