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Date Event Location Routes Diff  Type My Rides
Apr 08 Steaming Nostril St. Jacobs, Ontario Canada 40, 65 km C GRAVEL
Apr 29 Paris to Ancaster Paris, Ontario, Canada 40k, 70k C GRAVEL
May 26 Golden Ears Gravel Fondo Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada 50, 100km B GRAVEL
Jun 16 The Dirty Phil Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada 100, 171 km E GRAVEL
Jun 24 Cowichan Crusher Duncan, British Columbia, Canada 40, 80 kms C GRAVEL
Aug 11 Eager Beaver 100 Duntroon, Ontario, Canada 50, 62, 100 miles C GRAVEL
Sep 22 Kettle Mettle Dirty Fundo Penticton, British Columbia, Canada 50,100,130 km C GRAVEL
Sep 30 les 100 a B7 Bromont, Quebec, Canada 69, 100, 120km C GRAVEL