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Oceanside Double Century

Oceanside Double Century

October 27 2018
Oceanside, California, USA

Oceanside Double Century was designed for ultra-distance cyclists who want to enjoy a variety of scenery, with very few signal lights, stop signs, traffic, on  good paved roads. This ride starts earlier in the morning, riding past the Light House, and pier, to Carlsbad, then turns inland at Encinitas,  thus avoiding  beach crowds.  Heading east to climb the five mile Ramona grade, still in quiet morning hours, it then connects to  Old Julian (back) Rd., another five mile climb, and on over to  Santa Ysabel for Apple Pie. There is one more seven mile 4-6% mountain type climb to the summit, Julian, where you may pass the one-horse buggy walking along the one block.

Next, comes an awesome 17 mile descent down Banner Grade into the beautiful  California desert on a flat road with two half mile chocolate-chip type hills, then flats usually with a tailwind, that eventually lead to the left –fork turn towards the town of Borrego.  At this turn, there is a 2 mile climb, with about an 8 mile descent that overlooks another view of the Borrego desert, leading you to the middle of Borrego, which again, you will ride through without a signal or stop sign. Here in the middle of town is a traffic circle with a park in the middle of it; your lunch area, filled with beautiful palm trees, and a view of the mountains surrounding the area. From here, you head west on the main road giving a three mile warm-up before you begin your climb out, on Montezuma grade. This eleven mile mountain climb is your major climb of the ride, with temperatures warm, but not as hot as they could be.  The last 4-5 miles the grade drops, but the winds pick up.  On the other side is a long, ten mile sweeping, fun, downhill, that you earned. Eventually you’ll make your way on over to Lake Henshaw for a Rest Stop, then continue riding that same flat road that’s along the base of Mt. Palomar, over to another five mile descent, on the way to Cold Grade Rd  Fruit Smoothie Rest Stop.

This next climb, right after the Rest Stop, is bowl shaped for 3 miles, keeping the last part of this climb hidden…but once you see it, you will now know to expect it and are psychologically prepared for this 9%, grade that is less than a mile, but seems longer. This is the steepest part on the entire route, and now behind you, as you make your way on over to Lilac Road,  a 1-3% grade back road, to a ten mile descent.

The final terrain is flat, 15 miles, all the way back to Oceanside; with the last seven miles on the bike path, ending at the ocean.  One more mile, and you are Done!  We try to get everyone's picture as you roll in.  Dinner with all the other Finishers is always a lot of fun. 

194 miles are not quite 200, but the climbing makes up for the lack of miles, and the beauty on backroads is worth it.   This ride has full support, along with 6 Rest Stops plus dinner at the Finish.   Time limit is approx. 20:30   This is a timed event; and not part of a stage race this year.  

The train/ Metro Link, is just one mile from the ride Start/Finish.  If driving, the host hotel is a half mile from the first Oceanside exit, if coming from the north.  There is a large parking lot, a half mile south, if driving in that morning.  This is a California Triple Crown approved Double Century  The Rider Start Picture, in front of the pier, will be put on your jersey, which will not be ready for the day of the ride, but will be worth wearing! https /routes/28640211?privacy_code=OaaLQtYTgDN1HmeK

Oceanside Double Century

Routes: 194 miles
Difficulty of Greatest Route: F - Ultra Distance and Climbing for events well over 100 miles
Entry Limit: 125
Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time (PST)
Start Times / Itinerary

Start Time: 4:00 am to beat the heat later in the day, on the climb out of the desert.

You may start earlier than 4am.  Stage Racers start @ 4:30 am; picture at 4:40am.same place/ below pier.  These pics might be put on the jersey if they turn out, w the extra lighting.

Group Photo at 4:10am infront of the ocean, south of the Oceanside Pier, which will be above you.

Finish: 20 hrs to finish.  Midnight is the cut off time.


Entry fee: 125. for Double Century, and 90. for 150.

What's Included?

There are 6 Rest Stops plus dinner & breakfast on Sunday @ the motel Ride Start/Finish, Days Inn,

1201 Carmelo, Oceanside, CA. (there are two Days Inn's in Oceanside.)

Adequate Car Parking
Free Parking
Toilets / Changing Rooms
Sign On Desk
Registration/Entry On the Day
Support for Participants
Route Card
First Aid
Emergency Contact No
SAG Wagon
Roving Mechanical Support
Feed / Aid Stations
Post Event Meal(s) Provided As Part of Entry
Event Size
Less Than 500 Riders
Start Address: Oceaside Days Inn 1501 Carmelo Drive ,Oceanside, CA. 92054
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Oct 27 2018 - EVENT: Oceanside Double Century