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La Caleya Gravel Race

La Caleya Gravel Race

June 30 2018
Poreño, , Asturias, Spain

If you are reading this, it is that your interest in the Caleya Gravel Race is taking away your sleep day after day and you are so looking forward to June 30 as we are to enjoy some stunning landscapes in an environment to remember and with an unbeatable company.

The Caleya Gravel Race is an event organized by Santa Catalina CC where you will face all types of terrains (dirt, gravel, asphalt, grass ...) that will make you join the checkpoints marked on the track facilitated by the organization of the race.

Regarding the previous edition, we have made a series of changes in the organization of the event so that it does not simply follow the formal format of a common race, in which enjoyment ends as soon as you cross the finish line.

In the Caleya we wanted to familiarize the event and thanks to the change of location we offer a camping area totally free (more info below) where after the test we can enjoy a wonderful barbecue accompanied by liters of cider, beer and each one want.


Saturday, June 30, 2018.

Departure: 11:00 AM (we recommend being 1: 30 / 2h before).

Regulation :

Obligation to follow the marked track.
Have all the checkpoints stamped on your test card.
Carry a minimum of 2 cameras per person in case bad luck catches up with you.
Those responsible for sealing the manifesto at each chekpoint will remain on the site until after two hours from sealing the first participant


This year we decided to slightly increase the distance of the route to cover more land and be able to teach our region as it deserves. It has to be said that the mountainous difficulties will not be as pronounced as last year when the firm played some bad tricks.

Recommendations on the bike:

The ideal bicycle would be one of gravel / cx but the route is designed to complete it with a road or MTB .
In the case of using a road we advise the use of a suitable cover for these terrains, that is, minimum 28mm recommended 32 / mm  without taco.
In case of using the MTB we recommend to put cover without block.
Minimum 2 spare cameras.
Take your bike to your trusted mechanic before the test for a good review.

What does my registration include?

Access to La Caleya Gravel Race as a competitor.
Free camping area.
Area enabled for washing bicycles.
Provisioning in the middle of the test.
Coffee before the test of the hand of Café Paraiso and Café San Agustín .
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What test format is La Caleya Gravel Race?

Many of you are the ones that ask us what the test consists of, so, here you will discover if you need to take two gels before leaving or not!

Most of us start '' competing '' in the famous Alleycats (races where several checkpoints are placed around the city and the fastest to pass through them wins) so after enjoying the Geocentrum to the fullest ( https: // geocentrum ) we decided to mix the Alleycat format with the typical race format. That is to say, each cyclist can take it with the philosophy he thinks is convenient, if you want to go to the race and cross the finish line first, the spirit of the competition is like that. But if your goal is to spend a Saturday with your friends enjoying the tour, throwing a laugh, stopping to eat an omelet while you seal the card, go ahead !, you are all welcome in La Caleya.


The provisioning will be located right in the middle of the test, where you will have food (bananas, bars, nuts, liquids ...) to recharge your strength while you think about how to face the next leg.

This does not mean that in the other points there is nothing (except the first), in the other points that there are people to seal your cards, you will have water to fill the drums.


Who after a race like this does not want to fill the crop with a good barbecue / espicha and the typical drink of this region?

Whether you are a runner or a companion, you will have the option to enjoy the grill / espicha for a small fee of € 10, which will be used to buy all the raw material.

La Caleya Gravel Race

Routes: TBA
Difficulty of Greatest Route: C - Moderate terrain with rolling short steep hills or moderate, sustained climbs
Start Address: Poreño, , Asturias, Spain
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