2017 Euroeyes Cyclassics

EuroEyes Cyclassics Hamburg

August 22, 2021 - Hamburg, Germany

The EuroEyes Cyclassics, formerly HEW Cyclassics and Vattenfall Cyclassics, is an annual one-day professional and amateur cycling race in and around Hamburg, Germany. Although the route varies, its distance is always around 250 km. The course's most significant difficulty is Waseberg hill in Blankenese, which is addressed three times in the race finale.

It is Germany's only event on the UCI World Tour calendar. The race is organized by IRONMAN Unlimited Events Germany GmbH, which also organizes the annual Velothon Berlin.

An important part of the Cyclassics is the Jedermannrennen ("Everyman's race"), an amateur/cyclosportif event held on the same day and on the same roads as the professional race. Bike fanatics can participate in amateur tour races over 55 km, 100 km and 155 km. The number of participants is limited to 22.000 amateurs and tickets must be reserved months in advance.

2017 Euroeyes Cyclassics

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