The Assaults on Mt. Mitchell and Marion, Spartanburg, SC, May 15th 2017. 10,000 feet of climbing. Register Now!
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Date Event Location Routes Diff  Type My Rides
Apr 09 Steaming Nostril St. Jacobs, Ontario Canada 40, 65 km C GRAVEL
Apr 16 Hell and Heck of the North Stouffville, Ontario, Canada 70, 90 km D GRAVEL
Apr 30 Paris to Ancaster Paris, Ontario, Canada 40k, 70k C GRAVEL
May 19 - May 21 Bici Gusti Gourmet Ride Whistler, British Columbia, Canada 70 km B SPORTIVE
May 21 MEC Ottawa Spring Gravel Ride Stittsville, Ontario Canada 50, 95km B GRAVEL
May 21 Gran Fondo Gatineau Gatineau, Quebec, Canada 112km, 69 miles C GRANFONDO
May 27 Gran Fondo Mont Tremblant Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada 45, 80, 125, 160km C GRANFONDO
May 27 - May 28 Cycle Canada Gran Fondo & Century Ride Toronto, Ontario, Canada 60,100 miles C GRANFONDO
May 27 Ellens Tour de Sussex Grand Fundo Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada 20, 60, 100km B GRANFONDO
Jun 03 - Jun 04 Gran Fondo Cantons-de-l'Est Bromont, Quebec, Canada 41, 81, 108 kms C GRANFONDO
Jun 10 Gran Fondo Jasper Jasper, Alberta, Canada 65, 100, 165, 190 km D GRANFONDO
Jun 10 Medicine Hat Gran Fondo Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada 60, 100, 146km C GRANFONDO
Jun 11 GranFondo Vernon Vernon, British Columbia, Canada 83,100 miles C GRANFONDO
Jun 11 Gravel Grind Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada 50,75,125km C GRAVEL
Jun 15 - Jun 17 Grey County Road Race Blue Mountain Village, Ontario, Canada 90.7km, 135km D GRANFONDO
Jun 17 Victoria Gran Fondo Vancouver Is, British Columbia, Canada 166 miles F GRANFONDO
Jun 17 The Dirty Phil Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada 100, 171 km E GRAVEL
Jun 18 La Boucle Montmagny, Quebec, Canada 85 miles B GRANFONDO
Jun 24 Gran Fondo Badlands Drumheller, Alberta, Canada 50, 75, 140, 160k C GRANFONDO
Jul 08 ATB Financial Gran Fondo Highwood Pass Kananaskis, Alberta, Canada 92 miles D GRANFONDO
Jul 09 Prospera Granfondo Axel Merckx Okanagan Penticton, British Columbia, Canada 55, 92, 126, 160 km C GRANFONDO
Jul 15 - Jul 16 Gran Fondo Ottawa Kanata, Ontario, Canada 40,60,90,108,140 miles B GRANFONDO
Jul 16 Gran Fondo Mont-Sainte-Anne Mont-Sainte-Anne, Quebec, Canada 80, 122, 166 kms D GRANFONDO
Jul 22 - Jul 23 Gran Fondo Forillon Gaspé, Quebec, Canada 12,25,50,75 miles D GRANFONDO
Jul 23 Prospera Valley Gran Fondo Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada 50, 100, 160 km C GRANFONDO