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Montana Looking to Ban Cyclists from Some Roads
Montana Looking to Ban Cyclists from Some Roads

The draft bill will ban cyclists from two-lane rural roads without a shoulder or cycle lane running alongside, effectively banning cyclists from a large number of the state’s roads, forcing them off road or onto gravel roads instead.

The bill also means that cyclists are not allowed to ride side-by-side on the road at any time, only single file at all times.

Understandably, the state’s cycling community are not happy about the proposed changes, which would effectively ban road riding outside of towns.

Gran Fondo in the Bahamas
Winter Escape: Gran Fondo in the Bahamas

Escape winter and ride the Eleuthera Gran Fondo this February 18th.

Eleuthera is an island in The Bahamas, lying 50 miles east of the country’s capital- Nassau. It is long and thin —110 miles (180 km) long and only several miles wide. Eleuthera is truly a gem. A wonderful place to explore, beach, and get away from it all.

Eleuthera means freedom in Greek, and that’s exactly the feeling that will wash over you as you ride traffic free along the virtually empty roads that extend across the island, a round trip of 100 miles - if you want.

It’s a cyclists' paradise - in paradise!