Stage 2

Wednesday August 14 2019 - Brigham City to Powder Mountain - 84.4 miles Mountain Finish

Monster Hydro Stage 2 brings a wild west showdown to the 8,900-foot summit of Powder Mountain on Wednesday, Aug. 14. It has been five years since the Tour introduced the massive ascent on one of the steepest roads in Utah. State Road 158 connects the town of Eden to Powder Mountain Resort with gradients rising to 16 percent. The 8.6-mile scale will pack a punch to the legs and lungs of the best climbers in the world for the Stage 2 finish.

The 84.4-mile (135.8 km) Stage 2 begins for a second time in Brigham City, with festivities in front of the stately Box Elder County Courthouse. After 1.5 ceremonial miles along Main Street, the race officially starts on Promontory Road (State Highway 13) and will make a 34-mile loop through the northern section of the county. About 40-50 minutes later, the race will pass through Brigham City again, moving southbound on Main Street. A Utah Sports Commission Sprint line will be contested at the West Forest Street intersection.

The race will then proceed south on Highway 89 to access Weber County. A second Sprint line will be held along W. 2700 North in North Ogden, setting up a Category 2 Utah Office of Tourism KOM on the North Ogden Divide. Once through the narrow, winding pass, the race will circle the Pineview Reservoir twice, rolling in a counter-clockwise direction. Sprint points will be awarded on both laps through Huntsville, using State Highway 39. From there it is the final push to complete 7,310 feet of elevation gain for the day to Hidden Lake Lodge on the summit of Powder Mountain. This new section is an extra 1.4 miles above the tree line than was raced in 2015.