Stage 3

Thursday August 09 2018 - Antelope Island to Layton City - 104 miles Mountain

Starting out on the far end of Antelope Island on Garr Ranch, riders will see more of the island in 2018. With over 600 American Bison in the area, the wildlife on Antelope Island is one of the highlights of the week. After a windswept 7 miles on the Antelope Island Causeway onto the mainland, the race will serpentine through Davis County to the new finish in Layton. One short, steep KOM up to the Bountiful Bench could be the launching pad for a late breakaway. Before riders get to the finish line, the race will make a return to Hill Air Force Base just before entering the City of Layton. The racers will tackle three circuits through Layton Commons Parks before crowning a winner.