Stage 6

Saturday August 18 2018 - Riemst to Sittard-Geleen - 182.2 km

The 6th stage of the BinckBank Tour is all about hills. Amounting to 182.2 kilometres, the route features 25 climbs and runs from Riemst, Belgium, to Sittard-Geleen, the Netherlands.

Stage 6 begins with a local round that takes in the Muizenberg (650 metres at 6.6%) and Côte Halembay (1,100 metres at 6.6%). Shortly after the route enters the Netherlands a new series of climbs appears. In quick succession the riders are to crest Heiweg (1,600 metres at 4%) and Bukel (900 metres at 4%). By now they have done almost 40 kilometres, and on it goes to Eckelraderweg (600 metres at 6%).

Following a climb-less intermezzo of over 10 kilometres the route travels over two hills within 4 kilometres: Vliegveldweg (1,000 metres at 5%) and Lange Raarberg (1,400 metres at 5%). Via the Bergstraat (1,000 metres at 7%) the riders continue onto the closing circuit, which they enter with 77.8 kilometres done. Shortly the road points uphill at the Stokselweg (300 metres at 6%), Windraak (700 metres at 4%) and Watersley (400 metres at 4%) – three back-to-back hills. At kilometre 91 the riders cross the finish for the first time.

The BinckBank Tour’s 6th stage finishes with a 45 kilometres lap, which is raced twice and features seven climbs. For the Michaëlstraße (200 metres at 5%) and Bergstraße (400 metres at 3%) the route enters German soil and following and uneventful section of about 20 kilometres the route is back in the Netherlands. Next up are Schatsberg (800 metres at 5%), Weg langs Stammen (350 metres at 8%) and Stokselweg, Windraak and Watersley. These last three climbs were already included when the riders first entered the circuit.

Presumably, the last five hills are going to be decisive. They are crammed within 13 kilometres and after Watersley it is 6.4 kilometres out to the finish in the Tom Dumoulin Bike Park.