Stage 1

Wednesday March 13 2019 - Lido di Camaiore to Lido di Camaiore - 21.5km ITT

The route of the TTT is composed of two virtually straight sectors, rolling along the two lanes of the same road. Halfway, the route takes a “square turn” around a block. The course runs straight for 9.5 km, and then reaches Forte dei Marmi, with three left-hand bends marking the turning point and leading back to the promenade, where split time is taken at km 10.7. The route runs along the Forte dei Marmi seafront for 11 km, and then heads back to Lido di Camaiore.
The last 5 kilometres roll along flat, straight roads (southbound). With 1,200 metres to the finish, a right/left S-shaped curve on narrowed roadway, leading to the 1-km long home straight, marks the only complication. The finish line is on 6.5-m wide, asphalted roadway.