Stage 2

Thursday March 14 2019 - Camaiore to pomarance - 195 km

This stage is wavy and undulating, especially in the second part, with an uphill finish. Starting in Camaiore and cutting through Montemagno, the route reaches Pisa and the district of Livorno on flat roads. Gentle slopes begin while approaching Collesalvetti. The route takes in a categorized climb in Castellina Marittima and reaches the feed zone, located between San Martino and Casino di Terra. Here, the route turns technically demanding, running up towards Canneto to take in the second categorized climb of the Race of the Two Seas in Serrazzano. After reaching Pomarance the first time, the route draws almost a long circuit that leads to Saline di Volterra and then all the way to the final climb (approx. 12 km), with peaks reaching 16%.

Just past Saline di Volterra, the route starts to go up towards Cerreto, on a long and very uneven climb, with slopes topping out at 16% alternating with mild 2/3%

gradients. At the last mild bend, the final part of the route is uncomplicated, on 7-m wide, asphalt road.