Stage 5

Sunday March 11 2018 - Castelraimondo to Filottrano - 178 km Wall Stage

The stage of the “Muri” (literally “Wall"; i.e. short steep climbs) begins with gentle and constant descent to reach the area of the “Muri”. The route goes up to Montelupone on ‘normal’ roads – not on the famous wall – to get to the seafront through Porto Recanati. It then takes in Castelfidardo and Osimo before entering the 16.1km Filottrano circuit, to be repeated twice. The route does not pass under the finish, but about 500m before the finish line, it turns left. On the last lap, the route turns right and takes the last part of the circuit, to reach the finish line.

5km from the finish line is the Muro di Filottrano (slopes up to 15%, to be climbed three times) then a challenging descent and an uphill stretch with slope of medium difficulty until the finish on a 5.5m-wide carriageway, with distinctive porphyry stone slabs.