Stage 5

Sunday March 17 2019 - Colli Al Metauro to Recanati - 180 km Wall Stage

This will be a “wall climbing” stage. Sharp ascents will be tightly packed in the three laps of the final circuit, where the route will climb up to Porta d’Osimo 4 times, and up to San Pietro 3 times (max. gradient: 20%). A flat stretch along the Adriatic coast leads all the way to Loreto and eventually to the final 22.8-km circuit, to be covered 3 times. The Muro di San Pietro deserves great attention: the climb is quite uncomplicated at first (avg. slope: 6.8%), but gradients rise steeply over the last 200 m, topping out at 20% at the summit.

The final kilometres run steadily uphill. The Porta d’Osimo climb begins 3.6 km before the finish, with milder gradients over the first 500 m, followed by the actual “wall”: 1,300 m with an average 14% slope, and peaks reaching 19%. A milder uphill stretch, with gradients around 3%, leads all the way to the finish. The home straight is 300 m long, on 5.5-m wide tarmac.