Stage 5

Friday September 11 2020 - Norcia to Sassotett - 202 km Mountain Finish

This very demanding stage features many climbs including three classified GPMs. The route initially climbs the Forca di Ancarano (not classified as GPM) to enter the Sibillini mountains. After Visso it goes up to the Santuario di Macereto (Sanctuary of Macereto) preceded by the Santa Margherita hill. Once in Polverina, a sequence of ascents and descents begins that give riders no letup until the finish. The climbs of San Ginesio, Gualdo and Penna San Giovanni all feature before the final ascent to Sassotetto from Sarnano: 14.2km at a 5.8% average gradient, peaking at 12%. The last kilometers of the stage coincide with the final climb to Sassotetto. It’s a fairly constant gradient between 6 and 7% with some peaks over 10% and featuring long straights and  hairpin bends. The slope softens close to the finish line.