Stage 6

Monday March 16 2020 - Castelfidaro to Senigallia - 175 km

The route is initially wavy but uncomplicated, then it levels out. The stage runs from Numana through Ancona (outskirts), Offagna, Jesi and Ostra, leading all the way to Senigallia. Here, the peloton will cover 4 laps of a closing circuit of approx. 16 km.

The final circuit, measuring 16 km in length, is perfectly flat and runs between wide, well-surfaced city streets and the surrounding countryside, where the roads are wide but the surface is worn out at points. The final 3 km are raced entirely on urban roads, with a last bend 1,000 m before the finish. The home straight is on 8.5-m wide tarmac, on a slight incline.