Stage 6

Monday March 18 2019 - Matelica to Jesi - 195 km

The route is initially wavy but uncomplicated, then it levels out, calling for a sprint finish. The course runs from Matelica through Castelraimondo, San Severino Marche, Cingoli, Apiro, Moie and Morro d’Alba, all the way to Jesi, to cover three laps of a 12.6-km circuit.

The final circuit, measuring 12.6 km in length, is perfectly flat and runs between wide, well-paved city roads and the surrounding countryside (where the surface is worn out at points). The final 3 km are raced entirely on urban roads, with a last bend 1,000 m before the finish. The home straight is on 8.5-m wide asphalt road, with a mild uphill gradient.