Stage 7

Tuesday March 17 2020 - San Benedetto to San Benedetto - 10 km ITT

An individual time trial of 10,050 m, on a route that mainly follows the final circuit of the conclusive stages of the late 90s and recent 2000s, and has been the same since 2015. The start ramp is located in Viale Tamerici (south wharf). From here, riders proceed towards Porto d’Ascoli along the sea. From Piazza Salvo d’Acquisto (intermediate time recording – km 4.7), the route runs a further 750 m before heading back towards San Benedetto del Tronto, where the race ends on the traditional home stretch in Viale Buozzi. The last 2.5 km are almost on straight ground.

The last 3 km run along wide and mainly straight roads. The route runs along the seafront (upward lane) towards the finish line. 2.5 km before the finish, a double bend leads to the straight home stretch (2,500 m), on 8-m wide tarmacked road.