Stage 6

Thursday July 06 2017 - Vesoul to Troyes - 216 km

At 216 kilometres, the 6th stage is among the longest stages in the 2017 Tour de France. The riders travel down from Vesoul to Troyes, where the race should boil down to a bunch sprint.

As the crow flies, start and arrival are almost 200 kilometres apart, so the route leads fairly straightforward from Vesoul to Troyes.

The route takes the riders across the Plateau de Langres and through Colombeyles-Deux-Églises, home and burial site of the famouse French statesman Charles de Gaulle. At first travelling on rolling roads th race flattens out in the second half to make way for the large avenues in the centre of Troyes. Perfect terrain for the lead out trains to take command and bring their fast men to the fore.

The first three riders on the line take time bonuses at 10, 6 and 4 seconds.