Stage 8

Saturday July 08 2017 - Dole to Station Les Rousses - 187 km Mountain Finish

At 187 kilometres, stage 8 in the Tour de France brings the first mountain stage, leading from Dole to Station des Rousses. The race takes in three cols in the Jura mountains before the finish is at an elevation of 1,175 metres following a rolling section of 11 kilometres.

The first 28 kilometres of stage 8 are the quiet before the storm. Then, starting in the village Arbois, the road goes up and down until the dyings metres of the race. Yet, the first real climb looms with 91 kilometres done. The Col de la Joux, peaking at 1,035 metres, is a 10.4 kilometres ascent of 4.6 %.

A long drop takes the riders to the foot of the Côte de Viry. This is a 7.6 kilometres climb at 5.2%, that’s crested after 138.5 kilometres in the saddle.

The last climb is called Montee de la Combe de Laisia Les Molunes. That’s not only a long name it’s a long climb to. In 11.7 kilometres the riders head for the summit at an elevation of 1,202 metres. The average gradient is 6.4 %.

After cresting the riders have 11 kilometres left to go. No real descent, the finish line is after a rolling section in the ski station of Les Rousses, located at en elevation of 1,107 metres and close to the Swiss border.

In the Tour de France of 2010, Sylvain Chavanel soloed to victory in Station des Rousses.

The first three riders on the line take time bonuses at 10, 6 and 4 seconds.

Stage 8, July 8th, Dole to Station Les Rousses, 187km