Stage 5

Friday February 01 2019 - San Martín to Alto Colorado - 169.5 km Mountain

After four flat days, the race turns to the big mountains with a course of 162 kim up to the top Alto Colorado, 2,565 m above sea level.  The stage begins with a flat circular route in a northern suburb of San Martín, and from here riders head into mountains. The terrain will be more challenging as the riders are tested on the category 3 climb Alto de Villucum whose top is reached after 56 km. From here they continue north in through flat terrain while competing for sprint points in the first intermediate sprint after 80.6 kilometers. It marks the start of a very long climb, divided into two, and there will be category 2 mountain sprints after respectively 100.0 and 114.7 kilometers. The last 30kms is all uphill and culminates on the top of Alto Colorado officially a 15 km long category 1 climb with an average gradient of 4.4%. The gradient is not regular and consists of steeper sections followed by flat sections. max gradient no more than 6.4%, and the last kilometer is almost completely flat.

The stage has lots of climbing, but it is worth noting that the final climb is relatively easy. It is not as hard as the mountains used in the Tour de San Luis, so the stage will not be nearly as selective. Such a stage could result  in a sprint from a smaller group, although the amount of climbing make it ideal for an excellent climber.