Register Now for the E-Fondo Cheaha

E-Fondo Cheaha is modeled on the real world Cheaha Challenge in Jacksonville, Alabama and takes place Sunday January 16th. Registration is FREE so sign up NOW!

Register Now for the E-Fondo Cheaha

We know these roads very well, so here are some tips for having a successful ride. Some climbs feature very steep grades. In order to have the gearing to handle the grade, click on the "Slope" tab in the RGT app and reduce the Feedback Intensity setting. The effect of reducing this setting is like moving to a compact crankset or a bigger cassette in the real world. You'll still have to climb the hill, but you'll be able to maintain a reasonable cadence.

The course for E-Fondo Cheaha is only 27.9 miles, but there are 3938 feet of climbing in that pretty short distance. This is a challenging course, and we anticipate it may take the leaders around 1:45:00 to finish. Mid-pack riders could be closer to 2:15:00 to finish. Pace yourself accordingly.

The third timed section is a 3.6-mile climb. It is preceded by a gradually downhill section of the course, so use that time to fuel up, take a drink, and get ready for a big effort. Remember that even though the timed segment ends at the top of the climb, you have to ride all the way to the finish line to record an official result for the event.

There is no time penalty, in terms of competitive standings, to slowing down or even briefly stopping in between timed segments. This may be helpful if you need extra fluids or food because of the duration. You may lose contact with a group you're riding with, however.

E-Fondo Cheaha is modeled on the real world Cheaha Challenge in Jacksonville, Alabama

How To Register For e-Fondo Cheaha

1. Go to Gran Fondo National Series and fill out the registration form. Use the same email address you used to sign up for your RGT Cycling account.

2. In the Event Schedule on the Gran Fondo National Series E-Fondo page or on the RGT website or app, select the event and start time you want to participate in.

3. On the day of the event, sign in to the app and the event. The start corrals open about 30 minutes before the event begins.


Getting Started with RGT Cycling App

The RGT Cycling experience utilizes one app, and there is also an optional RGT Cycling Remote App you can use to control the experience from your mobile device. Click below to learn more about the apps and connecting your trainer and devices. 


IMPORTANT: Confirm Your Start Times

Each E-Fondo Series event features multiple start times to accommodate riders around the world. We recommend that you log in to your account on or the RGT Cycling App to confirm you are registered for the start time that aligns with your time zone.

Step 1: Open the RGT Cycling App or log in to your account on the website.

Step 2: Go to the Events tab in the app, or the Toolbox on the website, then click "Your Events"

Step 3: Confirm the event and start time are the ones you want.

Step 4: If it is not, you can click "Leave Event" and then either go the GFNS website your mobile device and click on the link for the appropriate start time, or find your preferred event in the event calendar on the RGT website or app. (To find events several days or weeks in the future, it will be easier to use the links from the website).


E-Fondo Series Raffle Prizes

Everyone who registers and completes at least one E-Fondo Series event will be eligible for podium awards and entered into a series raffle for valuable prizes from our sponsors. There will be one prize raffle for the series, and participants earn 1 raffle ticket for each event completed. So the more events you ride the more chances you have to win! Prize list to be announced.


2022 e-Fondo Series Calendar

The schedule of events offers both Wednesday and Sunday opportunities for riders to complete events.



Distance & Climbing

Sun Jan 9th

e-Fondo Florida

37.7 miles 1,663 ft

Sun Jan 16th

Cheaha e-Fondo

27.9 miles 3,938 ft

Wed Jan 19th

e-Fondo Georgia

26.7 miles 3,800 ft

Sun Jan 23rd

Highlands e-Fondo

35.4 miles 2,717 ft

Sun Jan 30th

Cache e-Fondo

31.3 miles 433 ft

Sun Feb 6th

e-Fondo Asheville

31.5 miles 3,232 ft

Web Feb 9th

e-Fondo Boone

23.7 miles 2,438 ft

Sun Feb 13th

e-Fondo Golden

26.6 miles 3,200 ft

Wed Feb 16th

e-Fondo Maryland

30 miles 2,779 ft

Sun Feb 20

Jensie e-Fondo

27.3 miles 4,440 ft

Sun Feb 27th

e-Series Championship

31.5 miles 3,232 ft


e-Fondo Series Ride Guide

The E-Fondo Series Rider Guide contains all the information you need to get started, including:

- How to get started with RGT Cycling app

- Event profiles and timed segments

- Event schedule filtered by time zone

- Qualification criteria for E-Series Championship

- Competition details, including age groups

- Raffle Prize information

Reserve Your Place Now

It’s time to reserve your spot in the peloton for specific events!

Firstly, Register To Win Raffle Prizes & Claim Podium Awards on the e-Fondo Series page.

Start time links are on the e-Fondo Series page under the event schedule. Scroll down to the start time links, choose your event, and click on the start time link, which will open on the RGT Cycling website on your mobile device or computer. Log in to RGT Cycling and click SIGN UP on the screen that displays the event you’ve chosen. Make sure you have the free RGT Cycling app on your phone or mobile device.

The E-Fondo Series is being run in addition to the full calendar of Gran Fondo National Series outdoor events.

For full information and how to signup, please visit:

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