CTS Founder Chris Carmichael selects Jeff Pierce as CEO

(Colorado Springs, CO – July 14, 2022) – CTS Founder Chris Carmichael has selected Jeff Pierce, most recently Director of Elite Athletics at USA Cycling, to succeed him as the company’s CEO. Chris, who founded CTS 22 years ago, will continue with the company as “Founder, Chairman, and Chief Endurance Officer”.

CTS Founder Chris Carmichael selects Jeff Pierce as CEO

“For 22 years, CTS has always led from the front. As a bike racer and coach, I know when it’s time to pull off and let fresh legs take over. CTS is my life’s work and supports thousands of athletes, along with more than 60 coaches and staff. So, it was important for me to find a leader who can take the company forward as technologies and the coaching industry change. Jeff brings fresh and data-driven ideas for business development, and a strong record for organizational leadership and delivering consumer value. He also has a genuine connection to coaching and endurance sports. That combination is hard to find and it’s what makes Jeff Pierce the perfect person to lead CTS forward,” said Chris Carmichael.

Prior to CTS, Pierce held several senior leadership roles in the cycling and telecommunications industries, including 13 years with T-Mobile. He comes to CTS after four years as Director of Elite Athletics at USA Cycling. During his professional cycling career, Pierce won the 25th stage of the 1987 Tour de France and competed in seven Grand Tours. Carmichael and Pierce were teammates on the 7-Eleven Pro Cycling Team, and both were inducted into the United States Bicycling Hall of Fame.

“I am excited and energized by the opportunity to lead CTS into the future,” said Pierce, who started as CEO on July 11, 2022. “I understand what this revered brand means to the CTS Coaches and to the athletes they serve. We have an unmatched coach development program and customer service infrastructure, and a dedicated team of the best coaches in the business.”

 After 22 years, Chris is eager to transition into his new role as Chairman and Chief Endurance Officer. “With Jeff running the business, I can spend more time and energy on the relationships in my life and focus on coaching, mentoring coaches, and creating unique cycling experiences for athletes,” he said. “CTS needs new leadership to thrive in today’s economic and technological environment, and Jeff is the right person for these times.”

About CTS

 A pioneering company in the endurance coaching industry CTS has improved the performance of more than 20,000 athletes since 2000. Founded by US Olympic Committee Hall of Fame coach and author Chris Carmichael, and home to more than 60 professional coaches, CTS seeks to change lives and ultimately the world, through the power of movement, healthy habits, knowledge, and inspiration. The company provides personal coaching, training camps, and Endurance Bucket List experiences to athletes of all ability levels. For more information, visit www.trainright.com.

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