Humango Teams Up with to Revolutionize Training for Cyclists competing in Gran Fondo and Gravel Riding Events

Humango Teams Up with to Revolutionize Training for Cyclists competing in Gran Fondo and Gravel Riding Events

[Boulder, CO] — Humango, the leading AI-powered endurance training platform, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with, a prominent platform for cyclists participating in Gran Fondo and Gravel Riding events. This collaboration aims to elevate the training experience for cyclists, providing innovative, tailored, and flexible solutions to optimize performance in these demanding events., recognized as a premier resource for cycling enthusiasts, will integrate a special offering of Humango's state-of-the-art AI training platform for riders to get highly personalized training plans.  Cyclists preparing for Gran Fondo and gravel events can now benefit from Humango's adaptive training technology, which customizes and continuously adjusts workout regimens based on individual fitness levels, goals, health metrics, event specifics, and the ever-changing demands of their schedules.

Pav Bryan, Master Cycling Coach at Humango, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, "Humango is the final big step in making effective training accessible to everyone. No other platform creates an individualized plan that constantly evolves according to goal events, availability, and training performance. It is like having a coach in your pocket." Founder Mark Harding shared the enthusiasm, noting, "When we looked at the latest in training technology, there was no doubt that AI is making a big impact in endurance bike training. The capabilities to make continuous adjustments are incredible, and we were very impressed with Humango.

Key Features of the Partnership Include:

- Flexible Training Plans: Cyclists can access personalized training plans that work around their schedule and lifestyle.  

- Goal-Specific Workouts: Humango's platform creates specialized workouts tailored to the unique demands of Gran Fondo and Gravel Bicycle Riding goals.

- Real-time Feedback: Cyclists will receive instant feedback on their training progress, enabling them (or the AI-powered assistant) to make data-driven adjustments for optimal results.

- Community Integration: Using Humango’s social component of the app, called Groups, riders can connect for group workouts, sharing training tips, experiences, and fostering support among those preparing for similar events. 

As riders gear up for their 2024 Gran Fondo and gravel racing events, the Humango and GranFondoGuide partnership offers the latest in hyper-personalized, AI-powered training technology that will prepare athletes to hit their goals on race day.  

To learn more and get a special offer exclusively available through GranFondoGuide, please visit:

Starts with a free 30-day trial. No Credit Card Required (save an additional 10%) 

VIDEO: Coach Pav Bryan explains the benefits of AI Gran Fondo Training

About Humango

Humango is a trailblazing company in the field of AI-driven athletic training solutions. With a mission to empower athletes to achieve their best, Humango utilizes advanced AI technology to provide personalized training plans and support with the flexibility to work around busy schedules.  Humango is elevating the game in endurance training. Learn more at

About is a comprehensive platform catering to cyclists participating in Gran Fondo and Gravel Bicycle Riding events. Recognized for its event listings, training resources, and community engagement, is a go-to destination for cycling enthusiasts.

About Coach Pav

Coach Pav is an Amazon #1 New Release Author and a coach to clients who have set world records (Mark Beaumont), earned their world champion jersey (Steve Bate MBE), and won ultra-cycling events (Matt Seward and Thomas Becker).

Mostly, his clients are those riding a Gran Fondo or two, and some are even riding his personal favorite: the Maratona dles Dolomites.

Pav Bryan, Master Cycling Coach at Humango


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