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Winning The Race With Diabetes Awareness Ride

January 19 2025
Encinitas California
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Distances: 63, 101 miles

This ride is a celebration honoring Sir Frederick Banting, the pioneer behind insulin who conducted his work over 100 years ago. Team Skyline planned to host this ride last year for the 100th anniversary of his discovery, but had to reschedule due to Covid.

We will have water, ride food, and a SAG vehicle as well for mechanicals.

Please join us after the ride for lively festivities and prizes, courtesy of Team Skyline's Sponsors. Please be sure to bring a GPS unit with Strava, as segment times will be pulled for results. If you'd like to learn more about the team, please visit

Thank you in advance for riding with us!

Long loop

Short loop

Winning The Race With Diabetes Awareness Ride

Start Located At: Encinitas, California
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T-shirts Tacos and beer