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Gran Fondo Santa Martha

October 27 2024
Santa Martha, Ecuador
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Distances: 56, 106, 170 km
Difficulty: Moderate terrain with rolling short steep hills or moderate, sustained climbs

It will be a large-scale event that is organized under 3 modalities:

GF 170km, MF 106km and Mini Fondo 56km.

Which will take place in October has the approval of cycling lovers, who eagerly await the day of the competition and have already been in constant training, prior to participation.

To further encourage the citizens of Manabi and Ecuador to participate in this event, which will include the delivery of more than $10,000 in prizes for the participants who win in each of their categories, and their respective decorations such as medals of participation to each of them.

Gran Fondo Santa Martha

Start Located At: Santa Martha, Ecuador
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