Michigan Mountain Mayhem Gravel Grinder

September 21 2024
Boyne City, Michigan, USA
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Distances: 18, 46, 60 miles
Difficulty: Moderate terrain with rolling short steep hills or moderate, sustained climbs
Limited to: 2,000 riders Participants

The Gravel Grinder is a gravel road race like nothing you could have imagined. This event will always be the first Saturday in October (October 1st, 2016 ) and is limited to 2000 riders.  You can expect a huge purse as well as some of the fastest racers in the Country.

There will be a 18 mile, a 45 mile and a 60 mile race. The 18 mile race is very flat. The 45 and 60 mile races will have lots of very fast roads mixed with technical seasonal roads, some hair raising descents as  well as long steep climbs, which will test your mental sanity.

There will be a KOM contest for the 60 mile race.

Points will be awarded for the first 3 people over the top of the 5 mountain climbs.  The highest total points for both men and women will get $500 in addition to any prize money they might win.  There will be no prizes for second place.

Points awarded are as follows:

Mount Bodawei first climb: 1st – 3 points, 2nd – 2 points and 3rd – 1 point

Diablo’s Mountain: 1st – 10 points, 2nd – 7 points and 3rd – 5 points

Mount Mayhem first climb: 1st – 8 points, 2nd -5 points and 3rd – 3 points

Mount Mayhem second climb: 1st – 5 points, 2nd – 3 points and 3rd – 2 points

Mount Bodawei second climb: 1st – 3 points, 2nd – 2 points and 3rd – 1 point

Mount Bodawei

Mount Bodewei is believed to be named by Native Americans over 500 years ago but we at MMM Central believe the name came from the fact that not only is it the first of the mountain climbs, but it is also the last and you will get the pleasure of climbing Mount Bodawei (both the ways). This is also the smallest of the five mountain climbs. The first time up Mount Bodawei you will climb 204 feet in .7 of a mile. The second time up you climb 172 feet in .8 of a mile.

Diablo’s Mountain

This mountain has long been called Diablo’s Mountain for one reason, only Diablo himself would create such a monstrosity. This mountain is without a doubt the toughest climb of the day, you will have to climb 517 feet in 1.85 miles. Most of the climb is winding, with the top never in view. You will start out at around 5% and the grade slowly gets steeper until the final stretch at 10%. The damage this mountain does will stay with you for the rest of the race.

Mount Mayhem

The next two climbs are up the front side and then the backside of Mount Mayhem. This mountain was not named for the first climb that last 2.6 miles and goes up 482 feet or the second climb of 360 feet in 1 mile that comes less than 4 miles later but the hair raising descent that comes in between. After cresting Mount Mayhem the first time you immediately start to go down. The first half mile drops 107 feet and is mild, smooth and fast, then you turn right and drop down a winding seasonal road with a mix of hard pack, sand, and rocks. This descent will drop you 360 feet in just under 1 mile with grades reaching 10% – 15%. The descent is safe but you better have your hands on the brakes.

Start Located At: Rotary Park, 649 State St, Boyne City, MI 49712
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The race will be timed by disposable number plate chips.


There will be well catered SAG stations every 12 miles along the route. The SAG stations will be loaded with all kinds of great food.


There will be a large catered lunch at Rotary Park from 11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.. Vegetarian options will be available.


Awards will be presented at 3:00 at the finish area.

Prize / Race Categories

Huge Cash Payouts Totaling  $10,300!!!

Cash payout for overall 60 mile winners…


1st – $1000
2nd – $750
3rd – $600
4th – $500
5th – $400
6th – $250
7th – $200
8th – $150
9th – $125
10th – $100


1st – $1000
2nd – $600
3rd – $400
4th – $200
5th – $125

KOM & QOM winners for the 60 mile race…

both Men and Women
1st – $500

Cash payout for overall 45 mile winners…


1st – $400
2nd – $300
3rd – $250
4th – $200
5th – $175
6th – $150
7th – $125
8th – $100
9th – $75
10th – $50


1st – $400
2nd – $250
3rd – $175
4th – $125
5th – $75

Medals for top three finishers in each age group for all three routes (20 Mile, 45 Mile & 60 Mile).

under 19


under 19

Medals for top three finishers both men and woman in single speed and fatbike classes on the 45 and 60 mile routes.

Medals will be awarded for the top three tandems in both 45 and 60 mile routes.

Support for Participants
SAG Wagon
Course Timing
Section Timing
KOM/QOM Competition
Category / Race Prizes
Results Within 24 Hours
Feed / Aid Stations
Post Event Meal(s) Provided As Part of Entry
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