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Black Bear Century

Black Bear Century

October 08 2016
Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvannia, USA

Seven interconnected routes meander along hidden roads that very few people ever find. Contained almost entirely within the boundaries of the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area and High Point State Park, you'll ride far from the leaf-peepers and the cars.  It’s quite common to see wildlife as you pedal through the amazing scenery. ( Every year we have reports of riders seeing black bears!)  Pedal past the villages that still feel like they are in the 1800.   Pause at vistas that will steal your breath for their beauty. Frequently you’ll spot the river, reflecting the smeared colors of the hills, streaked with that azure blue sky.  It’s difficult to find any century more gorgeous or more serene than the Black Bear.

This well planned course is designed so that the further you ride, the more you will climb. The 32 is a friendly, rolly bit of road that pretty much anyone will enjoy riding, while The 107 has enough “up” built into it to challenge even the heartiest of Hill Nuts. (It also has some of the most exhilarating views on the east coast, so you’re well rewarded for your efforts.) The course layout allows you to meet up (or keep up!) with riders of different abilities. It also keeps all your route options open as you go along. Feeling particularly perky? It's a cinch to increase your mileage from one of the shorter loops to a longer one. Or say your riding partner partied too hard the night before and isn't up to the distance you set for yourselves. No problem. It's easy to pick up a return route at any of the rest stops to cut things short.

Rest Stop Information

There are three rest stops. Distance riders will hit two of them twice for a maximum of five stops. All rest stops
will have bathroom facilities, water, electrolyte drinks and an array of killer good foods.

Rest stops are spaced as follows:
The 32 - 16 miles
The 41 - 25 miles
The 47 - 16 & 36 miles
The 65 - 25, 36, & 49 miles
The 88 - 25, 36, 62 & 75 miles
The 98 -  16, 25, 44,  65,  & 78 miles
The 107 - 25, 36, 56, 76 & 89 miles

Rest stop hours are:
Millbrook Village - 8:30am - 4:30pm
Peters Valley - 9:00am - 3:30pm
High Point - 10:00am - 1:30

Route Info – "The 7 Loops"
These are the routes we intend to offer.  We reserve the right to alter our routes at any time to insure a safe, legal and enjoyable ride.  We will attempt to offer similar distance options. There may be circumstances that are beyond our control, like floods that wash out bridges, road closures, construction, and factors that make riding on some roads unsafe that may require re-routing.

32mi Route
After crossing the Delaware River at the Water Gap, this route will head north along the river to Millbrook Viillage.  The terrain is rolling with no steep climbs.  Gently rolling terrain; one rest stop. A simple out and back to the first rest stop along copper mine road.
Total Vertical: 1892 feet 41mi route
Not all of our favorite roads are within the parks. This route takes you down the PA side of the river until you cross at Portland. From there you’ll pedal some fantastic, tiny roads past horse farms, over one lane bridges and up Bear Cave Rd. (we had to put that one in!). You’ll pass a pretty cool glider airport while you work your way up to the top of the Appalachian Trail ridge. Make sure you take a moment to absorb the views of the entire Delaware Valley and the Pocono Mountains beyond. Then it’s a screaming descent of one of Bicycling Magazine’s 100 Toughest Hills in America! Your rest stop will be at the bottom of the hill, in Millbrook Village. If you’re feeling frisky you’re free to turn around and climb the hill you just ripped down. When you’re tired of playing that game, you can head down Copper Mine Road, cruising along the Delaware River back to the start.
Overall, the climbing on this route ranges from mild to moderate. There are a couple of slightly longer or steeper pitches but any fit cyclist will be fine. One challenging climb. One rest stop.
Total Vertical: 2909 feet

47 mi Route
Riding up Old  Mine Road will give you an easy going warm up before you have to do any serious work. Your first rest stop will be at Millbrook Village; a little snack to stoke you for the next leg of your journey. There are three roads out of Millbrook. The one you just came up, the one announced by Bicycling Magazine as one of the toughest hills in the US, and the third choice. Lucky you! Three is the charm. Make sure you stop at the top to gape at the view from the porch of the Dela-View House. It’s an eye-popping Wow! Once you get to the bottom of the other side, you’ll find yourself on the 20 mile loop from which the Black Bear got its name. We generally refer to it as The Bear Loop and it’s some of our favorite riding. These roads are exceptionally empty of traffic; well, car traffic. It’s a popular thoroughfare for wildlife though. The loop will bring you back over the C.L.A.W. (Climb Lover's Aerobic Workout) to Millbrook. (Ahh! Another snack!) Then you’ll have that very sweet sail down along the Delaware back to the bridge then returning to the park.  Copper Mine Rd. is gently rolling. The Bear Loop is hilly. There are two big climbs. Two rest stops.
Total Vertical: 3637 feet

65 mi Route
In the beginning you’ll follow the same roads as The 41 until you get to Millbrook Village. From there you’ll go over the mountain and pick up the first leg of the Bear Loop, riding north to the cross roads of Peters Valley Craft Center, your second rest stop. You may want to take a few minutes to poke around in their gallery. It is chock full of beautiful creations made by the instructors and friends of this remarkable artist community. When you’re ready to head back, you’ll pick up the far side of the Bear Loop, circling around to the C.L.A.W. leading back to Millbrook Village. From there it’s a joy cruising back to the beginning. The road to Millbrook is moderately hilly. The Bear Loop is hilly. There are three significant climbs. Three rest stops.
Total Vertical: 5392 feet.

88 mi Route
Follow The 65 to Peters Valley. From there it’s a short climb over the mountain and down to River Road, which runs from Dingman’s Bridge (the only privately owned toll bridge in America!) north along the Delaware. This is a fantastic bit of road; seven very pretty, nearly flat miles. It’s a nice respite from your earlier adventures. Enjoy the breather. At the end of it you’ll turn away from the river and start to climb. The top of New Mashipacong is where you abandon those headed to High Point and point your wheels south again. You’ll be surprised how much faster it is to get back than it was to come out. Viva Gravity!  (This route does not go to High Point State Park). This route is hilly with four significant climbs; one a real grinder. Four rest stops.
Total Vertical: 7350 feet.

98 mi Route
This route crosses the Delaware River at Delaware Water Gap (there is a pedestrian walk way). Then have a ball flying up Old Mine Road to the first rest stop at Millbrook Village.   From here  you'll be following the 107 route to High Point State Park,  On your way be sure to stoke up at your second rest stop at Peters Vally Craft Center, then enjoy some relatively flat riding along the river until you turn onto New Mishipacong and start the serious climb up to the top of New Jersey.   The return takes you down a long descent back to the river valley and your second visits to  the rest stops.   This route is hilly with four challenging climbs.  Five rest stops.
Total Vertical: 8193 feet.

107 mi Route
You’re cruising along with the folks doing The 88 until you get to the top of New Mashipacong. There, they go right and
you go up. All the way up. Up to the highest point in New Jersey. The top of the mountain is engulfed by High Point State Park, your
destination. Surprisingly, once you get to the park, most of the roads are essentially flat. There are even lakes at the top! Who knew?! We’ll meet you at the monument with your lunch rest stop, and wish you god-speed when you’re ready to head back to base. In between you can eat your lunch looking over a hundred-plus mile view in every direction, all of it in vivid fall colors. When you’re ready, you’ll head off the mountain and rejoin the combination of routes that take you back to the start, knowing when all is said and done that you clawed your way to the top of the Black Bear Century. That’s saying quite a lot! This route is very hilly with many significant climbs. You’ll definitely know what you’re made of when you get to the top! All Five rest stops.
Total Vertical:  9029 feet

Black Bear Century

Routes: 32, 47, 65, 88, 98, 107 miles
Difficulty of Greatest Route: D - Difficult terrain with longer, steeper hills
Start Times / Itinerary

Black Bear Century - Early Bird Rate  $65


Black Bear Century - Early Bird Rate  $65

Start Address: Logging Rd 45018, Delaware Water Gap, PA 45061
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