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Born Fondo

Born Fondo

May 27 - May 28 2023
Gudhjem, Denmark
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Distances: 123 km
Difficulty: Difficult terrain with longer, steeper hills

Therefore, in May 2018, Bornholm is heading for Denmark's most beautiful and most demanding bicycle racing. Born Fondo takes its name after the classic Italian Gran Fondo bike race, which freely translated means Great Challenge.

A Gran Fondo always means an unforgettable strength test with the mountains and its own forces, and is always remembered for amazing scenery with beautiful scenery, excited spectators and perfect conditions.

With perfect conditions, we mean frames that you usually have to attend a professional bike race to experience. The roads are closed or unidirectional. The atmosphere is in the top. The facilities excellent.

We launched the race in 2014. Since then, the 123 km long mountain range has been supplemented by a blazing Bjergenkeltstart the day before, where the male and female winner is allowed to start Sunday's line race in our dotted mountain jersey.

But the fewest participants to win. Just implementing Born Fondo is a performance enough in itself. And fortunately, a lot of exerciseists from Denmark, Sweden and Germany are in favor of it: We will be around 800 in 2018.

Born Fondo arranges by Bornholms Cycle Club in cooperation with a wide range of partners. It is among other things The regional municipality, Gudhjem, the city's business, the police and especially the companies shown to the right. Each one contributes to creating the great experience that we all look forward to sharing with you.

Born Fondo

Start Located At: Gudhjem, Denmark
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