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Deiadar Gravel

Deiadar Gravel

September 17 - September 18 2022
Bizkaia, Spain
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Distances: 2 days, 250 km
Difficulty: Moderate terrain with rolling short steep hills or moderate, sustained climbs

DEIADAR GRAVEL is a true celebration around the bicycle and the mountain. During the previous week, the event includes a multitude of related activities. Talks, projections of athletes as well as a popular meal.

Come with us!

We start from the basis that our scenario is the mountains and slopes of Bizkaia, a unique place to do this sport. With an impressive landscape.
These positive values ??are joined by the hardness of the test, due to the accumulated differences in levels, which represent a challenge and a challenge for the participants.

The concept of the Semi-self-sufficiency event.

Deiadar Gravel

Start Located At: Bizkaia, Spain
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