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Cinco de Grindo

October 01 2022
Boulder, Colorado
Status: The date for the event has not yet been confirmed.

What? - It's Cinco de Grindo- Take 4!

WHAT? - Its a free back-country race in Boulder County, with tons of climbing, all sorts of different terrain, various checkpoints, tastefully themed, and a ton of fun on your bike!

Sick!! - No, its actually quite healthy. 


Where? - Kettle and Spoke Brewery in Boulder 

What Should I Expect? - A free event with riders of all abilities, on a challenging route that hits almost every type of riding surface. Think 50ish miles with 7k feet of climbing. (Link). Race it, ride it, survive it, meet new riders, enjoy the checkpoints, and just have fun! Come prepared for a few stationed checkpoints with water and other beverages, prizes for no reason whatsoever, and a free taco bar at the finish

Is it really free? - Heck yeah it is! Cycling is expensive enough as it is already, so this one will always be FREE! (Donations are always appreciated, but totally unnecessary.)

Y Tho? - Who cares? Riding your bike is fun! I like riding my bike too! Don't take it so seriously..

What should I bring? - A Bike probably - Food and drink for a few hours on said bike - Some cash for beers afterwards at Kettle and Spoke- A friend, or just make new ones

I have questions. - OK FINE - Send me an email!

Cinco de Grindo

Routes: 60 miles
Difficulty of Greatest Route: D - Difficult terrain with longer, steeper hills
Entry Limit: 84
Start Times / Itinerary




Prize / Race Categories

Race prizes are given out in a completely subjective with absolutely zero rhyme or reason.

Start Address: Kettle and Spoke Brewery 2500 47th St, Boulder, CO 80301
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