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Most Epic Gravel Ride Ever

August 06 2022
Zarasai, Lithuania
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Distances: 100, 216 km
Difficulty: Extreme terrain with frequent steep hills and long sustained climb
Limited to: 500 or less Participants
Most romantic race in Lithuanian gravel scene 
2020 - 271 lovers of dust, heat and vibrant groads began their race in the lands of Sela - ancient Baltic nation. 204 of them dived into 100 km with some unique character, while other 67 brave men conquered their abilities and psychology in the epic 200 km route. It was clear already at the finish line - Most Epic Gravel Ride Ever will reside in Zarasai Island for long.
MOST EPIC GRAVEL RIDE EVER - is a gravel race (for some - recreational adventure), which mission is to break everyday monotony by creating new experiences surrounded by awesome off-road fans. So let us bring you to the one of the poorest in Lithuania, yet rich in nature - the humble region of Zarasai.
 The are two distances to test your strength and mentality:
- 200+ km with 1625 meters of elevation
- 100 km with 924 meters of elevation
Course designed in a such way that the majority of fun places are already in the first 100 km so even short distance participants will capture almost full experience.
Note: 200 km track is not two laps - it just continues as 100 km riders turn to home direction.
 The race is taking place during day time. Self-supported.
- 100 km riders start in lottery order in pairs every 30 seconds. There will be 1 feed zone in 100 km.
- 200+ km riders start solo in lottery order every 1 minute. There will be 2 feed zones in 200 km.
Most Epic HQ
Life of Most Epic, headquarters and party is situated in beautiful Zarasai Island with lots of activities: wake park, beach, inflatable castles, basketball court, food and all communications needed.
REGISTRATION: TBA in spring time.
Accommodation options:
- 4-bed houses on the island: 70 eur/night. For reservation mail (indicate how many nights)
- Camping on the island: tent 6 eur + 4 eur/person per day; campervan 10 eur + 4 eur/person per day
- Car parking (for island residents) 3 eur/day
- other accommodation options (town is called: Zarasai):
Any Q? Ask by FB pm
And notice: fastest wins, but everyone is loved! Cause it's most important to participate, not to win 


Start Located At: Zarasai Island, Zarasai, Lithuania
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Start time is 10:00 AM. Riders start solo in Time Trial style with 1 minute gaps. The order - draw.

Registration Fees
Start fees:
- till 08.02 - 30 euro
- from 08.03 till 08.06 - 40 euro
- event day - 50 euro
Feed / Aid Stations
Aug 06 2022 - EVENT: Most Epic Gravel Ride Ever