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L'Etape China

January 16 2022
Little Sand Dam,Yunnan
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Distances: 35, 123km
Difficulty: Gently rolling terrain with one or two short hills

Nujiang Yi Autonomous Prefecture is located in the northwest of Yunnan Province, located in the central and Burmese Tibetan union, the territory is full of snow-peak glaciers, streams and waterfalls, ice-eroded lakes, Danxia Quanhua and other wonders, is the core hinterland of the world's natural heritage, with "a thousand rivers, a valley of thousands of waterfalls" of the United States. No one is more famous than the Grand Canyon, a 316-kilometer-long River Grand Canyon that flows between the tops of the Snowy Mountains and the Canyons of Mount Goligon, and is one of the most rugged and rugged terrains in the world, which is also a very difficult challenge for cyclists.

For the second time in a row, the Tour de France is coming to Yunnan, where cyclists will enjoy the stunning alpine canyon landscape and the colorful culture of ethnic minorities. In order to better show the natural scenery of the River, beautiful ecological painting from south to north along the race track slowly unfolded, cyclists can personally touch the "four mountains vertical, three rivers running side by side" of the grand, explore the mystery of northwest Yunnan; After entering the Grand Canyon, riders will experience magnificent landscapes such as "Tiger Jump", "Geological Landscape Museum", "Rare Species Sanctuary" and "Natural Landscape Expo Park" and experience the secret journey of the charm of the State of Nurijiang on the ring road.

L'Etape China

Start Located At: Little Sand Dam, Yunnan
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Prize / Race Categories

The whole group is 123km

The men's and women's teams respectively set the following awards:

The top three in the overall results will receive the trophy

Sprint King, will receive the trophy

The king of climbing will receive the trophy

The best young driver will receive the trophy (this award is only for drivers born after 17 January 1996)

The first male and female riders will be awarded places at the 2021 Tour de France World Championships, including hotel accommodation, and air tickets (places are not transferable, if they are unable to participate, they will be postponed according to the ranking)

Short-range 35KM

Short-distance group score, no awards

All those who complete the race within the closing time will receive one commemorative medal, and the certificate will be available for download on the official website of the Tour de France China Series 24 hours after the race, with a 30-day download time.