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Le Gravel des Marlères

August 21 2022
Estialescq, France
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Distances: 27,54 km
Difficulty: Gently rolling terrain with one or two short hills

The Gravel des Marlères, a first in the Pyrenees-Atlantics!

Estialescq Town Hall and FC Oloron Cycling present the Gravel des Marlères, a new kind of competition that closely combines cycling and territory.
In recent years, a new type of bike from the United States has appeared, The Gravel Bike. In English, "gravel" means gravel. The Gravel bike is a mix between a Road bike, an ATV and a hiking bike, in short a versatile bike that allows you to ride comfortably on dirt roads and paths or gravel.

With this versatility, the Gravel is a great way to discover and promote a territory through Sport. That's why Estialescq City Council and FC Oloron Cycling are teaming up to propose Sunday, August 23, 2020, the "Gravel des Marlères", which will also be the first Gravel race organized in the Pyrenees-Atlantic.
The Gravel des Marlères is a 27-kilometre loop between Piedmont Oloronais and Vineyard of the Jurançon, with landscapes unique to the world. On the ridge, the Pyrenees 180 degrees from the Basque Country to the Bigorre on one side, the hills and vineyards of Jurançonnais on the other, and further on, the lush depth of the forest and the freshness of the streams.

This first Gravel event organized under the aegis of the FFC French Cycling Federation will be open to all from 11 years of age: a 19-kilometre hike and two timed races of 27 and 54 kilometers respectively.

Le Gravel des Marlères

Start Located At: Estialescq, France
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