L’Étape Greece

April 06, 2024 - Olympia Greece

Welcome to the 1st Edition of L’Étape Greece by Tour de France!

In 2023, and for the very first time, the legend of Tour de France, the most important cycling event in the world, joins the Greek myth in the enchanting landscapes of western Greece and Ancient Olympia.

Amateur riders from Greece and from around the world will be able to experience the feelings of professional cyclists of Tour de France as they cross the mountainous stages. The riders will have the opportunity to challenge themselves, enjoy an unparalleled combination of Greek nature and ancient history with fully closed roads, and experience an unforgettable adventure.

L’Étape Greece, like all sporting events of the international series Tour de France, is designed by experts to replicate the French experience of L'Étape du Tour to its very core.

The organization will be held according to the world-class standards of Tour de France so that cyclists fully immerse themselves in the heady atmosphere of the French cycling race while experiencing the same conditions.

The two options offered by L’Étape - Race and Ride - are suitable for cyclists who want to challenge themselves, but also for cyclists who just want to enjoy a circular ride around the birthplace of the Olympic Games, Olympia.

If you haven’t explored the western Peloponnese and Olympia, if you want to experience the spirit of Tour de France, if it’s been a while since you did something for the first time, then this is the perfect opportunity to savor an experience filled with adrenaline and strong emotions. The ride in the valley of the Gods will be a stage you will cherish forever.

L’Étape Greece

Routes: 35, 75, 150 km
Difficulty of Greatest Route: C - Moderate terrain with rolling short steep hills or moderate, sustained climbs
Time Zone: Hawaii-Aleutian Standard Time (HST)
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