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Stage 13 - San Remo to Cuneo - 157 km Flat

07:36 US Eastern, 13:36 Europe - 157 km to go: Attacks expected as riders and teams want to get in the breakaway today.

07:17 US Eastern, 13:17 Europe -  Hello, welcome to coverage of stage 13 of the Giro d'Italia!

A relatively short and moderately difficult stage. The route is the one of the 2020 ‘summertime Sanremo’, in reverse. Starting in Sanremo, the stage touches Imperia, clears the Colle di Nava, and reaches Ceva, heading towards Cuneo. Some of the most iconic locations of the Giro in the area, such as the Vicoforte sanctuary and Mondovì, are back on the route after many seasons.  A fast-running finale across the plains around Cuneo will lead all the way to the closing sprint.


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