Stage 5

Friday September 03 2021 - Riemst to Bilzen - 185 km

Friday 3 September - At 188 kilometres, the 5th stage of the Benelux Tour is a hilly test. Between the start in Riemst and the finish in Bilzen the riders tackle fifteen climbs. The Amstel Gold Race à la Benelux Tour.

Most climbs are located on the finishing circuits around Bilzen, although the 85 kilometres run-up also features a number of ascents, notably the Côte de Richelle, Côte de Chenestre, Côte de Platanes, Côte de Plank and Côte de Halembaye.

The riders enter the circuit and before the first passage on the line they have tackled the Slingerberg, Keiberg and Letenberg. Those three ascents are also part of the first circuit, which adds up to 29.2 kilometres. The Slingerberg is 1.2 kilometres long and averages 5.6%, the Keiberg 500 metres at 5.7%, and the Letenberg 400 metres at 8%.

The last two laps are similar to each other, while offering a slight variation to the first one. The circuit is 19.4 kilometres long and only features Keiberg and Letenberg. The Keiberg is crested 10.8 kilometres before the line and the Letenberg with 4.9 kilometres to go.

Starting 28 kilometres before the finish, the Golden Kilometre serves three opportunities to win time bonuses of 3, 2 and 1 seconds within 1,000 metres. The first three riders on the line gain 10, 6 and 4 seconds.

The 5th stage of the Benelux Tour starts at 10.30 and the race is expected to finish around 15.00 – both are local times.