Stage 1

Saturday June 26 2021 - Brest to Landerneau - 198 km Flat

Starting the 2021 Tour de France on a hilly stage will be interesting as it will allow us to see which riders capitalize and which ones will decide to maintain their pace and composure for the next 20 stages. All four of the stages in Brittany have many curves and turns. Even though most of the race’s difficulty level is four and third-category.

The puncheurs will be in the spotlight from the get-go! 

In post card scenery, going through Locronan and Quimper, this first day will offer no respite. The never ending accelerations due to the frequent changes in direction, the windy parts in the Monts d'Arrée and a finish at the top of 3-km hill at an average 5.7% (including parts at 14%) will crown one hell of a puncher.

 It will be an uphill finish for the riders – 3.1 kilometers at 5.6 percent, gradient of 14 percent.