Stage 4

Tuesday May 11 2021 - Piacenza to Sestola - 186 km Mountain Finish

Tuesday 11 May - The Giro serves its first uphill finish in the 4th stage. At 187 kilometres, the race travels from Piacenza to an intriguing finale in Sestola.

The race opens on flat terrain to enter the more lumpy part after 75 kilometres. Gradually and with ups and downs the route rises to the Carpineti fortress on Mount Antoniano. The riders reach the summit at kilometre 110 and descent back into the valley.

Another gradual climb – this time without the downs – leads to Montemolino. The gradients are mostly hovering around 4% until the last 2 kilometres take place on a winding road through the forest. This section rises at 11.6%.

Still more than 40 kilometres to go at the 933 metres summit. After a rolling section and a descent the route crosses the Torrente Scoltenna stream to return to climbing.

This scenario repeats itself in the finale – although the rolling section is much shorter and the uphill much steeper. The riders ascend out of the village Fanano on a small road through the forest. It is a 4.2 kilometres climb at almost 10%.

The Giro enters Sestola on the Via Passerino before a short downhill leads onto a undulating section of 2 kilometres.

The Giro last visited Sestola in 2016, but the finish climb was different. The then 21-year old Giulio Ciccone soloed to victory from the breakaway. It was the first big victory in his career.

The second intermediate sprint comes with 3, 2 and 1 seconds, while time bonuses of 10, 6 and 4 seconds are awarded to the first three riders on the line.

The 4th stage of the Giro d’Italia starts at 12.05 and the race is expected to finish around 17.15 – both are local times (CEST).