Stage 5

Friday April 21 2023 - Cavalese to Bruneck/Brunico - 144.5 km Hilly

Another uphill start awaits the riders in the last stage: 11 km of regular but not to be underestimated ascent from Cavalese to the Lavazè Pass, the highest peak (1808 m asl) of the entire race. This is followed by a fast and very long descent towards South Tyrol, on a wide and smooth road, with two long tunnels just before rejoining the flat and the bottom of the valley. The route follows the wide state road up the Eisacktal/Valle Isarco and then into the Pustertal/Val Pusteria, alternating flat stretches with slightly uphill segments.

Once in Kiens/Chienes, with about 50 km to go, the ascent becomes steeper for a couple of kilometres as it climbs towards Pfalzen/Falzes, then quickly descends towards Bruneck/Brunico, for a first crossing on the finish line, 37.4 km from the race ending. At this point a long circuit begins, centred on the Mühlbach/Riomolino climb: the complete slope has an average gradient of 8.2%, but the first 6 km are over 10%, with some spikes at 18%. From the top, there will still be 19 km to the finish: five of ups and downs at high altitude, eight of steep and winding descent, especially in the second part, six mostly flat around Bruneck/Brunico before reaching the finish line again on the main Bastion road, at the end of a long straight stretch with a slight but steady climb.