Stage 1

Wednesday February 02 2022 - Les Alqueries to Torralba Del Pinar - 173 Km Hilly

The Tour of Valencia kicks off with a medium mountain race. A demanding climb with its peak inside the last 3 kilometres is probably going to play a pivotal role.

Les Alqueries lies north of Valencia and Torralba del Pinar is actually very nearby. Just 40 kilometres to the west. Yet, the riders face a race of 173 kilometres. The route is going up or down during the entire day, although the climbs are neither long nor steep.

Torralba del Pinar is something of a ghost town with an population of just 61 people. Located in the Sierra de Espadán, it’s surrounded by mountains and one of them is the last test for the riders, crested with 3 kilometres remaining.

Last year’s Tour of Valencia was postponed and happened in April. Miles Scotson won the 1st stage, while his team mate Stefan Küng took the GC five days later.