Stage 3

Tuesday May 14 2019 - Stockton to Morgan Hill - 128.6 miles Mountain

The City of Stockton returns for its third stage start, near the waterfront and Stockton Arena. After a short circuit through town, the race route will wend its way through the city as it heads southwest toward Morgan Hill. This will not be a recovery day for some weary legs in the peloton – within 20 miles, the riders will face “the Wall” on Patterson Pass Road, the first of five climbs and 10,000’ of climbing.

Heading east of Livermore, the riders will turn onto Mines Road and toward the HC climb up Mt. Hamilton. Over the next 22 miles of climbing and descending, the racers will encounter two climbs with a total of 25 switchbacks and two very technical descents with another 25 hairpin turns. Local racers claim that descending Mt. Hamilton can be more challenging than the ascent. The race will then return to the eastern slopes of San Jose and into Morgan Hill, site of the 2018 time trial stage. Spectators will line the streets as they await the teams to tee up their sprinters for a classic field sprint to finish near the Morgan Hill Outdoor Sports Center.

128.6 miles / 207 km

KOMs: 6
Elevation Gain: 9,667’
Sprints: Mines Road, San Jose

Expected Outcome: Field sprint