Stage 1

Monday March 07 2022 - Lido di Camaiore to Lido di Camaiore - 13.9 km ITT

An Individual time trial consisting of two practically straight sectors that run outwards and backwards on the same roadway, punctuated by a slightly more complex and twisty halfway turning point. The route is straight for the first 5.6km until the turning point at Forte dei Marmi where the intermediate time check is taken. Then the route continues, with a narrow roadway and two right-angle bends (to the left) which, at 7.7km from the finish line, will take the riders back to the Forte dei Marmi seafront to return to Lido di Camaiore.

Final Kilometers

The last 3 kilometres are flat, heading in a southerly direction, and consist of a long straight stretch which, at 1200m from the finish line, presents the only ‘technical’ challenge of the route. This consists of a right-left turn on a narrow roadway that leads to the final one kilometer-long straight. Arrival on asphalt, width 6.5m.