Stage 3

Wednesday March 09 2022 - Murlo to Terni - 170 km Sprinters

A slightly undulating stage punctuated by short straights and flat stretches of rest. The first part of the stage features some noteworthy climbs such as the ‘La Foce’ and the road between Fabro and Ficulle. After Orvieto the stage finale begins, which remains challenging both in terms of elevation and terrain. After Amelia the riders face a long descent to enter the Narni and Terni plain. Wide and straight roads follow, with a sometimes well-worn road surface, but without excessive difficulty, leading to the finish line in the city centre of Terni on Corso del Popolo.

Final Kilometers

The last 3km take place on wide, straight roads, sometimes with a central reservation present, interspersed with large roundabouts. Within the final kilometer, the riders will take a wide bend to the left on the flat. There is then a change from an asphalt surface to stone paving at the entrance to the 350m long finishing straight on a 7.5m wide road.