Stage 4

Thursday March 07 2024 - Arrone to Giulianova - 207 km Uphill Sprint

The stage is divided into two parts: the approach to the final circuit and the circuit itself. The first part takes place on the Sibillini Mountains. After Norcia, the route clears the Valico di Castelluccio, crosses the plain of the same name, and passes the Forca di Presta to reach Arquata del Tronto and the Salaria. The roads here are usually wide and well paved, only narrowed at points, with some tunnels along the route. Street furniture will be the main impediment as the stage passes through urban areas. The closing circuit begins at km 178.

The final kilometres are part of a 22.7-km circuit to be repeated once. The circuit consists of an undulating first part through Mosciano Sant’Angelo, followed by a slightly downhill sector all the way to the sea. The last 3 km have a mild uphill gradient of about 4.5%.