Stage 5

Friday March 11 2022 - Sefro to Fermo - 155 km Uphill Finish

This is the stage of the ‘muri’ – short, steep climbs best described as ‘walls’. It is characterised by two distinct parts. The first heads through the Apennines to the gates of the province of Fermo and the second is more rolling, with 5 ‘walls’ between the approach to the finish and the final circuit. The first part touches on Castelraimondo, San Severino Marche in order to climb to the Valico di Pietra Rossa. A descent follows on Cingoli and Treia, to then pass from one valley to another through a series of climbs and descents. After Montegranaro the riders will climb the Muro di Monte Urano (max 15% gradient). They then enter Fermo from Lido to tackle the Capodarco climb (max 18% gradient), and in rapid sequence, the Fermo-Strada Calderari climb with a subsequent passage near the finish line. From here a semi-circuit of about 18km begins, featuring the challenging climbs of Madonnetta d’Ete and a repeat of Fermo-Strada Calderari.

Final Kilometers

The last few kilometres are all substantially uphill. After the ascent of Strada Calderari, which leads to the town of Fermo (with gradients of up to 20%), the climb continues along narrow stone-paved streets, with gradients remaining high. A short descent brings some respite with 750m to go, followed by a climb to the finish line on a ramp of around 10% gradient. The finish line lies on a 6m wide asphalt surface.