Stage 1

Saturday January 30 2021 - San Juan to San Juan - 147 km Spinters

The concentration of the start will be at the doors of the Bicentennial Theater. The platoon will be on José Ignacio de la Roza Avenue, under the bridge. From there they will depart by the same road and a turn will be made in the Plaza 25 de Mayo of the Sanjuanina Capital, leaving by Mendoza street until Av. De Circunvalación. From there you will go to Route 20 to embark on a journey to the Difunta Correa area, to resume along the same Route 20. It is worth clarifying that in Caucete, for the round trip, cyclists will do it by Paula Albarracín de Sarmiento street.

Return to Avenida de Circunvalación exits by Route 40 to Calle 5, resumes by Mendoza Street, turns on republic of Lebanon to Hipolito Yirigoyen. Then you will turn right onto Ignacio de la Roza Street, until you reach the Bicentennial Theater.