Stage 7

Friday February 05 2021 - San Juan to San Juan - 175 km Flat

It will start and end at the Villicum Circuit. You will leave the Circuit by Route 40 to the South, until you reach Benavides Street turning right until Mendoza Street. The platoon will travel along Mendoza Street to Centenario. By Centenario they will turn towards Salta street to turn left again until Av. From Circunvalación where you will head east and leave by Route 20 to Zapata Street, in the department 9 de Julio. In Zapata street you will turn right passing through the municipality 9 de Julio, and continue along diagonal San Martín, until 11th street. On Calle 11 you will turn right until Ruta 40.

On Route 40 you will turn right to Calle 14, turn right to Calle Aberastain. In Aberastain street until 11th street and leaves by Route 40 until Av. From Circunvalación, to leave Circunvalación by Av. Rawson and junction with Route 40 until the Villicum Circuit.