California Votes on $8bn worth of Cycling Infrastructure Projects

As millions of Americans go to the polls to elect their next President, California voters will also decide whether to approve 11 transport schemes worth over $8 billion dollars

Increasing the rate of tax to fund the projects is behind 10 of the 11 ballots in California. 

Measure M, would raise the sales tax rate in Los Angeles County by half-a-cent to fund huge investment in the region’s transport infrastructure, with $3.9bn reserved for cycling projects.

Some of the proposed projects include connecting existing cycle paths along the state’s rivers and greenways, to cost an estimated $650m.

There would also be commitments to improve and construct bike lanes to provide safer routes to schools, while all new transport projects would have to allocate three percent of the total cost towards improve cycling and walking facilities within its vicinity.

Sacramento, the state’s capital which regularly hosts the Tour of California, is voting whether to increase sales tax by half-a-cent for the next 30 years to implement cycling master plans. If voted for, $3.6bn would be spent.

There's also $657m of funding availabke 10 other states in the states which propose transportation measures, including:

Virginia’s residents will voting on whether to invest $27m on new bike trails, dedicated cycle paths and bike share schemes;
Burlington, Vermont residents  will be asked if the city should spent $12.5m on modernising bike paths
Austin, Texas residents will vote on whether $120m would go towards the construction of new cycle lanes.

The Republican party completely omits any mention of cycling improvement measures in its manifesto whereas the Democratic party, mentions in its manifsto that it would build “bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure across urban and suburban areas”.