UCI Gran Fondo World Championships Team Relay goes to Slovenia

Traditional 4 rider team relay saw Italian and Belgium teams disqualified for under weight bikes

It was a day of excitement and disappointment at the team relay, 20 teams started on the short criterium course, just 2.4 kms long.

In the first handover 15 teams entered the changeover zone which caused some hectic moments. In the second handover two Belgian teams, one the defending champions got away in a breakaway.

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Two Italian teams were able to keep the breakaway in check and Italian Giampaolo Busbani caught the two Belgian teams on the third relay. Organizer Andrea Nicosia, who was riding for Italy, competed the final three laps and crossed the line first for Italy ahead of Slovenia, Belgium, Canada and the second Italian team.

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However, UCI technical delegates tested all bikes for weight and disqualified the winning Italian team and the third placed Belgian team as both teams had a bike under the 6.8 kg UCI weight limit rule, part of the racing rules.

On that basis Slovenia won gold, Canada silver and the Italian second team bronze on the podium.

The Slovakian team included,womens time trial World Champion Laura Simenc, Branko Bojanc, Jani Preseren and Dean Bratus and they took the gold medals on the podium.

Silver medals went to Canadians Michel Jean, Chantal Gosselin, Bruce Bird and Dan Martin.

Bronze medals went to the second Italian team; Alessio Tosato, Alessandro Locatelli, Valentina Zuco and Claudio Monti.

Gran Fondo Champions on Sunday

Saturday September 1st is a day of rest, relaxation and entertainment before the GranFondo on Sunday September 2nd all centered around the race village in Varese

The 2018 GranFondo World Championships courses are very hilly, with three major climbs across the valleys around Varese, which all feature in the first half of the race.

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UCI Gran Fondo World Championships Team Relay goes to Slovenia

2018 UCI Gran Fondo World Championships Team Relay Results

1. Slovenia 1
2. Canada 1
3. Italy 2
4. Norway
5. Belgium 2
6. France 1
7. Canada 2
8. Poland 2
9. Japan 1
10. Slovenia 2
11. Russia
12. Holland
13. Austria
14. Japan 2
15. France 2
16. Great Britain

Previous Team Relay Winners

2013: Italy
2014: Italy
2015: Canada
2016: Slovenia
2017: Belgium
2018: Slovenia

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